Marie Craven

Marie Craven aka Pixieguts:
an Australian media maker and vocalist.


Music making archive:

PIXSID duo with Dj Sid-the Apocalypze
Deliria Tang EP 2013
Atoms Apart Album 2009

Cwtch duo with Dementio13
Silver EP 2012
Beyond Transgression EP 2011
Olive Walls Single 2011
04:10 EP 2010
be.ep EP 2010
City To City Single 2009
Cwtch Album 2009
Pixiegraf Reworked Album 2008
Pixiegraf Album 2008

Pixieguts vocal compilation albums
I Sand Album 2011
immaterial Album 2009
Walking on Mercury Album 2008
Pixieguts! Album 2008

Various vocals on other releases
Dementio13 - VTOL Album 2014
Voide - Electric Jungle Album 2012
Max Waves - Music for Microworlds 2010
Crimson Death vs. Pixieguts EP 2010