Marie Craven

Marie Craven aka Pixieguts is an Australian vocalist and media maker. Online collaborations with artists around the world.

Video poems at Vimeo

Music videos at YouTube

Music featuring Pixieguts vocals

PIXSID duo with Dj Sid-the Apocalypze
Deliria Tang EP 2013
Atoms Apart Album 2009

Cwtch duo with Dementio13
Silver EP 2012
Beyond Transgression EP 2011
Olive Walls Single 2011
04:10 EP 2010
be.ep EP 2010
City To City Single 2009
Cwtch Album 2009
Pixiegraf Reworked Album 2008
Pixiegraf Album 2008

Pixieguts vocal compilation albums
I Sand Album 2011
immaterial Album 2009
Walking on Mercury Album 2008
Pixieguts! Album 2008

Various vocals on other releases
Dementio13 - VTOL Album 2014
Voide - Electric Jungle Album 2012
Crimson Death - Aftershock EP 2012
Max Waves - Music for Microworlds 2010